Expression electric sauna heater’s good look is not by accident. This award winning design will heat your sauna fast and with ease. It’s built in air chambers speeds up air and heat distribution and contributes to its energy efficiency. Available in several different colors. International Red Dot Design Award winner.
•International Red Dot Design Award winner.
• Twin side air chambers for better air and heat distribution.
•Special aroma-therapy compartment.
• Energy saving Split Power Output feature.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Color Panel Relay box Installation
Copper Add Elite or Pure Add Commercial Lite Floor standing
Power Voltage Measurements (WxHxD) Sauna size (m3) Stone
10 1/3~x230V, 3~x 400V 500x730x200 10-18 12kg, Ordered separately
Min. distance to wall (mm) Min. distance to ceiling (mm)
200 1900


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