The energy-efficient sauna alternative

Along with the many health benefits of an infrared sauna, the energy efficiency is another incentive to invest in an IR sauna. Infrared technology uses less electricity then many other common household appliances.

The experience of the heat is stronger in a IR-room, it's not only the air that warms the body, but also the heat radiation from the IR panels. Therefore, you need to heat the sauna to a higher temperature to get the same feeling of heat.

Compared to a traditional sauna, the function of IR is not to heat the air, but rather to heat the organic material in the room. Just as the sun can warm a cold winter's day, the IR panels are not dependent on the air being warm. And since you don’t wait for an infrared cabin to heat up, you can enjoy its benefits immediately!

Traditional Sauna is normally used in temperatures between 65-90 degrees with an average sauna bath of 1 hour. A smaller sauna room usually consumes about 4-5 kWh, depending on size, construction and desired temperature. Tylö's Tylösand infrared room needs approx. 1.5-2 kWh for 1 hour of use in comparison!