Varbergs Kusthotell

On the beautiful west coast in Sweden you will find Varbergs Kusthotell. The magnificent buildings and the enchanting landscape create a stunning environment. In 1992 the hotel became Varbergs Kurort that today are Varbergs Kusthotell. They refine the spa traditions that have existed locally in Varberg for over 200 years. Varberg is known for their unique spa and sea environment.

The Thalasso spa it is the only one in Sweden and it offers well-being close to the sea and has classic treatments like seaweed baths, cold baths, sauna baths and massage. It is all based on a long spa tradition.

A: Paus Sauna
Temperature: 50 degrees

In the Paus sauna you can enjoy a lower temperature that is more comfortable. This is good for you who prefer a combination of heat and humidity or to use as a warm room between the hot sauna sessions. The heater is a Tylö Sense Commercial which has an extreme fast heat up time and reduces power output once set temperature is reached. It is perfect for provide soft sauna steam.

B: Champagne Whirlpool Hot and Cold Pool

This beautiful red whirlpool gives a relaxing and romantic feeling. It is a perfect way to calm down and just be here and now. On the other half of the pool there are a regular hot pool with build in chairs for a more comfortable experience. They also have a cold-water pool for those who dares.

C: Steam Sauna
Temperature: 35-55 degrees

The steam room is a Tylö Panacea room. This room is a complete spa experience where you can combine your favourite spa experience in one room. The Corian interior brings a luxury, light and modern feeling. The Panacea steam bath soothes your body and soul and brings total relaxation, releasing tension and muscle aches while your customized light and sound settings brings tranquility to the mind.

D: Hot Sauna
Temperature: 80 degrees

This sauna offers a hot and dry sauna experience. Perfect to go in after a dip in the cold-water pool. The heater is an Expression electric sauna heater. This is an award-winning design that will heat the sauna fast and with ease. It is built in air chambers speeds up air and heat distribution and contributes to its energy efficiency.

E: Sea Water Pool
Temperature: 32 degrees

This is a unique pool because they borrow water from the sea which they then fill up the pool with. The sea water then heats up, all to get the lovely spa feeling. A fun fact is that seawater has a high salinity that contains important minerals that are good for our skin and body.

Christina Hägerhäll, Spa Manager
Photograph: Stephan Bozic,
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