Colour and trends in bathrooms

Now we want lighter colours in our bathrooms. Especially the colours you find in nature. A lot of natural tones have become popular; beige, sand and brown combined with white and cream. Of course, the green colours are there too, but they are taking a bluer tone, almost like petrol colour.

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Photo: Iconic Nordic Rooms


Photo: Iconic Nordic Rooms

Incorporating black into the bathroom has been popular in the Nordics for a while but now it is used in the details and finishing. Today, matt black is used more commonly for fittings - from taps and controls to towel rails and switches. This stands out from the light natural tones. It also gives a modern feel to the bathroom and complements most interior styles.


Photo: Iconic Nordic Rooms

Designers are talking about ”woodism”, “wild wood” and ”forest bathing” and to live more sustainably. Being eco-friendly is more important than ever. Designing your interior with neutral colours, wood effects and lots of green plants, creates a relaxing space and emulates the feeling of a spa.


Photo: Iconic Nordic Rooms

So, if you are redecorating, add a wooden sauna to your bathroom! It is not only a beautiful piece; it is also the best investment you can make for your body and soul! It can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stress. And as an extra plus it gives you healthier skin and hair.


Photo: Tylö