Let the new technique make your sauna experience personal to you

Woman resting in a sauna

How do you want your sauna moment? Do you prefer it hot and dry, or do you like it soft and humid? Now it’s up to you!

Innovations and technical progress now make it possible to customize your sauna experience. Set the temperature and humidity according to your taste and combine as you wish.

Hot or humid – or both

Many of the heaters from Tylö are available with a water tank, providing the perfect opportunity for different types of sauna experiences in one solution. These heaters are called Combi. In the new sauna, the whole family can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and health benefits, since everyone can create their own combinations of temperature and humidity.

A Soft Sauna, where the humidity is at 30–65 percent and the temperature about 45–65˚C, can be enjoyed for a long time. Enhance you experience with invigorating scents from essential oils.

The traditional sauna, with temperatures of 75–90˚C, gives an intense sauna experience thanks to high temperature and low humidity.

Harmony sauna room with Sense Combi heater

Photo: Tylö Harmony sauna room with Sense Combi heater.

IR and traditional sauna in one

Infrared waves gently warm your body, loosen tight muscles and relieve pain. A mild and soft way to sweat and feel well. The IR panels from TylöHelo give an even heat therapy through the whole body and can be combined with a traditional sauna heater.

A digital control panel allows for Wi-Fi connectivity, so that you can personalize settings from your tablet or smartphone.

The health benefits of the sauna are as positive as ever, but now there are new possibilities to create combinations to customize your own sauna experience.

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