Saunas with spectacular views

Looking for a place to relax? There's nothing quite as relaxing as sitting back in a hot sauna while the heat does wonders to your health. For the ultimate relaxation, enjoy one with a with a beautiful view. 

1. Pater Noster - A home on the horizon

On one of Sweden’s most windblown, barren and exposed places, Pater Noster invites to an authentic experience in a beautiful setting. Enjoy a meditative moment in the heat of the sauna while gazing out across the spectacular lighthouse and stormy seas. Tylö's Driftwood panels, expression heater and Brilliant accessories harmonizes perfectly with the spectacular surroundings on this beautiful island in the outpost of the archipelago.



Foto: Erik Nissen

2. Pålsjöbaden

Right in the city center of Helsingborg you'll find ancient Pålsjöbaden, a beloved place to have cold baths and sauna ever since 1912.  Lean back in the sauna while enjoying the magical views over the Sea towards Denmark and the ferries passing by. When hot enough, a refreshing cold bath is just a few steps away!


Landscape-Pålsjobaden-Sauna (1)

Landscape-Pålsjobaden-Sauna (2)

3. Arken Art Garden Spa

Located right on the edge of the rocks by Gothenburg Harbour, Art Garden Spa where nature is ever-present. This oasis of blissful indulgence and relaxation will give you a first-class break in the middle of your hectic life and is only 15 minutes away from Gothenburg city!