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Enjoy both sauna and real steam functionality for added comfort and flexible sauna experiences in a small package. The new Sense Sport Combi 4 Heater combines all the convenience and smartness of Sense Sport 2/4 such as integrated control panel and Thermosafe protective coating for easy setting and improved safety.

• Thermosafe protective coating. Prevents accidental skin burns.
• Full steam functionality
• Fast heating times.
• Built in control panel

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Color Panel Relay Installation
Black Built-in Not required Wall mounted
Effect Voltage Measurements (WxHxD) Sauna size (m3) Stone
4.5 1~x230V, 2~x400V 348x490x274 2-4 7kg,Ordered separately
Min. distance to wall (mm) Min. distance to ceiling (mm)
20mm 1900mm


2900 5254 SENSE SPORT COMBI Install
2900 5255 SENSE SPORT COMBI 2-4 bruksanvisning