The Sense Sport Combi 4. Now you can enjoy both sauna and steam with this lightweight and flexible sauna and steam heater in compact format. Easy to position and smartly designed like the other Sense series heaters. The control panel is built-in. The unit is placed on the wall. To be complemented with sauna stone for wall hung heaters.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Color Panel Relay box Installation
Black Built-in Not required Wall mounted
Power Measurements (WxHxD) Sauna size (m3) Stone
4.5 348x490x274 2-4 7kg,Ordered separately
Min. distance to wall (mm) Min. distance to ceiling (mm)
20mm 1900mm


2900 5254 SENSE SPORT COMBI Install
Sense Sport 2-4_ CB_test report_211100476SHA-001
Sense Sport 2-4_CB_Cert_SE-107550(1)
2900 5255 SENSE SPORT COMBI 2-4 User Guide