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Elevate your sauna experience with sauna lighting

Elevate your sauna experience with our Silhouette series sauna lighting solution. With a variety of options, including Silhouette Ring and Silhouette Line in three sizes each, you can create a unique lighting scheme that suits your style. Whether you prefer bold and dramatic or subtle and understated designs, Silhouette can help you create a relaxing and inviting ambiance in your sauna room.
Silhouette Sauna Lighting from Tylö

A luminous new series

Introducing the Silhouette Series - an illuminating new addition to enhance your sauna experience like never before! With its sleek and modern design, this series will transform the way you think about sauna lighting.

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Silhouette Ring

The elegant design of Silhouette Ring gives a soft, ambient light that creates the perfect atmosphere in any sauna room. With endless possibilities, it can be hung as a pendant or on the wall, glowing for itself or together with other luminaries from the same series. The lighting is sauna proof and withstands sauna temperatures.

• Ø: 40, 50 & 60 cm
• Available in Aspen
• Combine with dimmable IR-eye for easy monitoring


Silhouette Line

Minimalistic Silhouette Line comes in different sizes, allowing you to combine and create your unique sauna lighting. Silhouette Line can be rotated 360 degrees, creating endless combinations to suit the mood of your space. The lighting is sauna proof and withstands sauna temperatures. 

• L: 40, 120 & 190 cm
• Available in Aspen
• Combine with dimmable IR-eye for easy monitoring

Create a unique sauna

The Silhouette Series is incredibly versatile, allowing you to place it anywhere within your sauna. Crafted from the finest Aspen material, this series is built to last and bring endless enjoyment to your sauna sessions.

With a little creativity and imagination, you can use multiple lamps from our Silhouette series to create unique constellations that add a personal touch to your sauna room.

Get inspired with DIY

Comes in a range of sizes

Silhouette Line Sizes (1)
Silhouette Ring Sizes (2)