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Discover a world of premium sauna experiences with Tylö, Sweden's most trusted sauna, steam, and infrared wellness brand. With a presence that extends around the globe and a legacy that spans more than 7 decades, we've committed to redefining wellness for your modern life, while remaining rooted in ancient sauna wisdom. Our founder crafted the first Tylö sauna heater over 75 years ago, laying the foundation for an enduring commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and the rich Scandinavian sauna tradition.  
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Craftsmanship that stands the test of time

Nestled in Halmstad, Sweden, Tylö boasts 75 years of unwavering dedication to the art of sauna craftsmanship. Our pursuit of excellence has not only defined our brand but has also propelled us to become not only Sweden's, but one of the worlds largest sauna, steam, and infrared wellness brand. 

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Tylö technology – Redefining wellness

At the heart of Tylö lies groundbreaking technology that redefines the sauna market. Our unique IntelliAir™ system directs air flow efficiently through the heater, making it the fastest in the market. ThermoSafe™, an integral part of the Sense and Crown range of heaters, offers a protective coating that guards against accidental burns, ensuring your safety is our highest priority. 

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Why choose Tylö? 

1. The details matter: Our grill ensures optimal hot air distribution, while the built-in water reservoir in the Combi versions provides a steamier Soft Sauna option. 

2. Fast heating that saves energy: Dynamic air chambers enhance hot air distribution, and our patented divided output feature enables energy savings. 

3. Safety – A high priority: Beyond standard safety features, Tylö heaters come with ThermoSafe™ protective coating, offering an additional layer of safety against accidental burns. 

4. Effective water sprinkling: Deep, centrally-located stone compartments in Tylö heaters ensure high steam output from water used, elevating your sauna experience. 

5. Made in Sweden: Thanks to our in-house production and outstanding quality control, a Tylö heater is a reliable and long-lasting investment, proudly crafted in Sweden. 

6. Product testing and certifications: Every Tylö heater undergoes rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring all necessary certifications are met for your peace of mind. 

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Tylö is back in the USA, and we're thrilled to have you join us on a refreshed wellness journey. Our rich heritage, now paired with cutting-edge tech, guarantees a sauna experience like never before. Dive into tradition, embrace the warmth, and choose Tylö for a healthier life. It's not just a return; it's a revitalized adventure with Tylö—your go-to for unmatched wellness. Welcome back to the simplicity of feeling good. 

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