Infrared Saunas

Heat from within for a cleansing sweat

Let the infrared heat elevate your core body temperature so you can bask in the resulting health and wellness benefits.

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Tylo Infrared Sauna Cabin

Infrared sauna cabins

Tylö infrared sauna cabins are easy to assemble and quick to begin enjoying. Select from a set of definitive sizes and layouts which we've designed for maximum performance and indulgence.
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Custom built Tylo IR sauna

Bespoke infrared for a perfect fit

Custom build an infrared sauna to perfectly fit within your walls - a permanent, peaceful addition to your home. Even consider adding an electric heater to evolve your home saunas' possibilities. 
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Find the right infrared sauna for you


Serenity 810H

Compact and cozy, this 1-person infrared sauna is perfect for small spaces.

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Serenity 820H

Up to 2-people can fit in this infrared sauna so you can heat bathe together without requiring much floor space in your home.

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Serenity 830H

The largest of our portable infrared sauna rooms, the 830H can host 3-people seated, or one lying down.

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Serenity 870H

Neatly tuck this sauna into a corner and maximize the interior space for up to 3-heat bathers, seated.

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What is Infrared?

Infrared heat raises the core body temperature from within, causing sweat production at a lower room temperature (in comparison to traditional saunas). Our portable infrared saunas are easy to install and simple to use, so you can quickly get to absorbing the health benefits of infrared warmth.

Explore infrared sauna benefits
Infrared Sauna Relaxation
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There’s minimal waiting required for an infrared sauna to heat up, so you can easily enjoy its benefits anytime.

Infrared benefits


Even with daily use, infrared technology uses as little (or less) electricity than many common household appliances.

Infrared efficiency


Infrared bathing is a safe and comfortable way to detox. It relieves aches pains and stress.

Infrared soothes