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Heaters that accommodate variable heat preferences and controls that put those choices (and more) at your fingertips; this is Tylö.

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tylo sauna heaters

Sauna heaters

Do you prefer a hot and dry traditional sauna or a more soft temperature with some humidity? We have options to suite all heat preferences. And, all of our heater designs prioritize efficiency, safety, and quality. 

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Tylo Sauna controls

Sauna controls

Effortlessly manage your sauna using our intelligent control panels. The Pure model embodies simplicity and functionality, while the Elite version offers Cloud-based functionality and supports multiple user profiles. 

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Your Preferred Sauna Experience

Traditional Sauna or Soft Sauna

If you prefer a traditional and authentic sauna experience, with high heat and low humidity, there's a Tylo sauna heater option for you; and, we've designed them to heat up the sauna quickly and efficiently, creating a hot and relaxing atmosphere. 

Unlike traditional saunas, a soft sauna gives you the luxury to choose your preferable balance between temperature and humidity. In practice, this means a gentler sauna session with a lower temperature, but with a much higher humidity (up to 70%). 

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Tylo Sauna Experience
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Sauna Control Options

Pure or Elite

Choose a control that aligns with your wellness practices. The Elite version gives you control from anywhere thanks to its cloud-based functionality. You can personalize and program your preferred sauna settings and schedule it to be ready when you are. 

The Pure model is elegant and compact, a perfect choice for those that value functionality and simplicity. Easily set the lighting, temperature, and duration - and schedule your session up to ten hours in advance. 

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