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We believe in the quality of our saunas, and stand behind it with our Limited Lifetime Warranty. 


Sauna360 Limited Warranty

Tylö products fall within the Sauna360 Limited Warranty, which warrants the original purchaser a selection of warranties regarding the new sauna when purchased from one of our authorized retailers/service centers/"sauna specialists", and the warranted product:

  • Is installed in accordance with installation instructions provided;
  • Is properly and reasonably maintained; 
  • Has not been subjected to damage, misuse, or abuse; and 
  • Is for residential use only.
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Tylo Sauna - Warranty

Warranty Registration

The Sauna360 limited warranty becomes valid only after the below form is completely filled in and submitted, within sixty (60) days from the date or original installation. This warranty is non-transferrable and shall extend to the original purchaser only.