Sense Sport Sauna Heater

The Sense Sport is an electric sauna heater with a modern aesthetic, with subtle angles and a sharp black exterior. It is available with two different power output options (208V or 240V). The Sense Sport has built in controls near the base, so no additional control panel is required. The heater can set right on the floor or be mounted to a wall. Built in air humidifier and fragrance holder allow you to modify and enhance your sauna experience with steam and scents. A built in timer and thermostat monitors your sauna for safe and relaxing enjoyment.

- Thermosafe protective coating - prevents accidental skin burns
- Extremely fast heating times; roughly 20-30 minutes depending on temperature setting
- Split output functionality reduces power output once set temperature is reached

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Color Amount of stones Installation
Black 45 lbs. Floor Standing or Wall Mounted
Voltage Size
208 / 240 17" x 14-3/4" x 22"


2900 5242 Sense Sport Quick Start Guide USA
2900 5240 Sport installation USA